Virginia E


Pappagalli di Orchha

Painting by: Virginia E

Green parekeet Flying around a palace in Orchha (India) It 'a reworking of a watercolor that I run during a trip to India in 2010. Seizing the flight of birds typical of the place, the colors and shapes in motion. 2015:Pubblished on the monograph "Storia dell'arte italiana" swing edizioni 2016: selected with the work "Pappagalli di Orchha" for publication quotes the catalog "D.O.C. - Artisti su cui investire". Getting personalized plaque and a certificate of participation with critical motivation by Paolo Levi.The publication "Pappagalli di Orchha" is also published on the journal "Effetto Arte" in July 2016. Oil on canvas 50x60cm

Media width: 500mm x height: 600mm x depth: 20mm
Signed: Yes, Front
Certificate: Yes
Uploaded: 20 August 2015


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