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  • Annual Payment Plan


Content Management

Content Management

You have complete control over the content displayed on your site, this includes artwork titles, descriptions, prices and your profile page.

Upload your images and they will automatically be resized and optimized. Organize your art into groups or series of related works using portfolios, rearrange art within portfolios or move to another portfolio. At any time you can choose to hide particular artworks or whole portfolios. Each artwork has its own dedicated page with its own title, description and dimensions which you enter, being under your control means you can choose what the search engines say about your work. You enter the price for the artwork and any additional shipping charges.

You will be using the same content management system you currently use and are familiar with on The Zambezi Project, so no need to do any extra work! When you update your work on The Zambezi Project it will automatically update your own website. Having your own website enables you to display your work on an individual basis and there is no limit to how often you can update your site so you can keep it fresh with new content that your visitors and the search engines alike will love.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Reduced commission rate on all sales that originate from your own website.

All sales are managed through The Zambezi Project where the standard commission rate is 25%. When you sell art through your site you only pay 20%.

When you sell an artwork through The Zambezi Project your site automatically shows the item as sold. You can leave it like that on your site or remove the artwork, a few sold items look OK but you don't want to distract from what you have to sell.



Your site displays only your blog postings.

Having your own blog is a great way to drive organic traffic to your site, you are in total control of the message you convey. Actively blogging keeps your site content fresh and Google gives precedence to sites that continually update their content. This type of content is excellent for search engines, use the blog to promote your work, tell people about your exhibitions...

Social Media

Social Media

The site is fully intergrated with social media.

Social networking sites have evolved into one of the best ways of driving traffic to your website, connect to your social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Visitors can share your work on their social media promoting your art for you!

Live Twitter feed displayed on your site for those that want it.


Contact Form

Contact form connected to an email address of your choosing; no need to show your email address to the world!

Once you have got your own website you have the option of a dedicated email account, see under domain name for details.

You get to show as much or little contact information as you wish and this is up-datable by you at any time so if you change your telephone number no need to call us. You can put details of your studio / workshop outlet together with opening times if you wish.

Domain Name

Domain Name

If you already have your own domain name no problem, if not we can buy and manage a name for you as long as it is available, additional cost may apply. Your site will appear with no advertising unlike the typical so-called free sites that you see offered.

If you would like a professional email account like You@Your-Name.com this can be arranged at an additional cost.

Your website lives on our servers, the price you pay includes the cost of hosting.



Site built with Search Engine Optimization.

All the sites we build are fully optimized for search engines. All images include title tags and alternative text tags, when you name your artwork it automatically fills in these tags for you, the same goes for meta descriptions and page titles

Your website will look good on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Our websites are optimised to work on all devices including mobile devices, unlike Flash-based portfolio services. Simple, straightforward navigation makes it easy for your visitors to find their way around.

Inbuilt dead-link redirection; if you remove an artwork from your site then old links from search-engines don't just crash your site.

Our special rate pricing plans are only available for registered artists of The Zambezi Project, registered artists can now have their very own affordable e-commerce website!

Absolutely the best way for an artists to get their word out about their art is through their own website. With The Zambezi Project you can start immediately to create your own welcoming website that's easy for anyone to understand and navigate, a website that shows your and only your art and offers a platform for you to explain your artistic inspiration and process.

Our special rates include the site construction and hosting on a dedicated server. As on The Zambezi Project you have total control over the content you upload and the prices you set. In fact you will be using the same content management system you currently use and are familiar with on The Zambezi Project, so no need to do any extra work!

Anything you add to The Zambezi Project will automatically appear on your own site, this includes blog posts, portfolios, pricing and descriptions. Your site will be built on a HTML5 responsive 'mobile first' framework and fully optimized for search engines.

You can either pay monthly or annually, an annual payment is the best value. Having your own website, in addition to being listed on The Zambezi Project we only charge a 20% commission on all sales originating from your site.

If you would like a custom design, just send us your requirements and we will be happy to provide a detailed proposal to build the site of your dreams!

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