Artist: Robert Parish

Robert Parish

Main Discipline: Painting

Based in: United Kingdom

Member since: 14 November 2014

Artist Declaration

My work has always been inspired by two driving forces, my facination with the natural world and music.

I draw inspiration for my current work from the world of quantum physics and the music of Hawkwind. By their very nature quantum particles are too small to be observed directly, they can however be seen indirectly quite simply through the medium of a cloud chamber. The sub-atomic particles leave traces akin to the vapour trails left by an aeroplane in the sky. The captured images of a particle in motion or sometimes even decaying or transforming itself is a magical sight. It is probably no coincidence that I have been a long time fan of the band Hawkwind which seems to gel particularly well with this subject material and often prffovides the theme to individual works.

I find myself listening often to the band while working and fans might recognise certain tributes in the titles of my work.


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Recent work by Robert Parish


uploaded 11 August 2015

sands of time

uploaded 11 August 2015

moving... like a parallelogram

uploaded 11 August 2015

event horizon

uploaded 11 August 2015