Artist: Mariana Rozados

Mariana Rozados

Main Discipline: Painting

Based in: Argentina

Member since: 10 February 2016

Artist Declaration

  • I am an artist every single moment I connect with my deepest Me. So I became an artist instinctively, to achieve the loving universe in the depths of my soul.
  • My artwork shows us the energy of colors and shapes. 
  • My work is unique because is the product of my inspiration; I work without any learned technique because I don’t want to feel influenced by it.
  • My approach to life, is to have joy in my heart and give joy to others.
  • My Motto is  to live here and now, vibrating in love, light, peace, integration. 
  • I really would like to work with other artists, with other cultures, to share my artwork, integrating Us in ONE.



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Recent work by Mariana Rozados

Multidimensional Spiral

uploaded 23 February 2016

Flowery Connections

uploaded 18 February 2016

Two ways Bridge

uploaded 15 February 2016

Deep artwork to deep soul

uploaded 12 February 2016

Inner Spirit

uploaded 12 February 2016


uploaded 11 February 2016

Lovely  Interconnections

uploaded 11 February 2016