Artist: Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans

Main Discipline: Illustration

Based in: United Kingdom

Member since: 29 January 2016

Artist Declaration

Caroline is an artist and illustrator who works in two genres - Realism and Fantasy. Her work glorifies the beauty of nature, both fauna and flora, and is created primarily to captivate and uplift her audience through a combination of strong colours, shapes and lines. Some of her work strives to portray real and raw human and world issues through narrative illustration, colour and strong imagery, hopefully bringing visual delight without detracting from her message Her more intricate fantasy illustrations encompass hidden elements, which can be interpreted differently depending on the viewer. Occasionally, she will provide some prose with her work, either to give a clue to the content or simply because she feels that it completes a piece of her art.

Caroline continues to regularly exhibit in mixed shows and her artwork has been sold through galleries in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. She has also undertaken several commissions and is featured on select artist gallery sites worldwide. She became a professional artist and illustrator in April 2015 after juggling a successful 37-year commercial career with her art. 


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Recent work by Caroline Evans

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