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What's in a name ?

The Zambezi Project
What's in a name ?

The Zambezi Project:  It may or may not surprise you but you are not the first person to have asked “where did that name come from?”. Why Apple, Canon, Google, O2 or Amazon for that matter? Not to say that's our defence, more that, if you really think about it the businesses with the most descriptive names are generally the least interesting, and we wanted to be interesting! At the very least we are hoping that it will be a memorable name.

That's the Zambezi bit; so why Project? That could be the more difficult to explain. The Zambezi Project we know is a website that sells art for artists but we always wanted it to be more than that. The physical aspect of gallery space where artists can show their work ‘in the flesh’ and also share their work and experiences with other artists would be fundamental. The website would be a starting point upon which the marketing would build including tapping into the existing social media networks. In addition, it would become a platform on which satellite websites, including artists personal websites, could grow to tell the story in different ways.

It’s all a lot to do and written in such a compact form appears quite daunting, however with time and cooperation we feel its all do-able, at least the journey will be exciting.

So that's the project: And we hope some day to make enough money that we’ll be able to share some with Zambia, the source or the Zambezi, that's not and never was a founding goal of the organisation but it would be nice wouldn't it?


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