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And so it begins...

Christina Barber
And so it begins...

It's not often I have the luxury of painting— yep, luxury. In this day and age one must think of the practical implications of spending hapless hours slapping paint to canvas with the hope that it may sell — one day.

Cynical, you say? Perhaps. Probably. Okay, most definitely. The anticipation of what will emerge is thrilling, but the self inflicted anxiety of "will it sell" overwhelms me and pushes me into a corner. I freeze with fear. Do all artists go through this?

I often come across fellow creatives who started at the same time as I did– making a good living out of their passion. Is my passion not great enough? To my credit, I have sold a few paintings— more than others, but not sufficient to live on.

Maybe I'm just a coward in disguise….


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