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Christina Barber

It’s gotten to the point where this artist needs to put humility aside and shamelessly plug her own sh–  uh, stuff.

Forget waiting for the public to discover one's hidden talent— let alone find you. If I continued to let modesty take the reins, and patiently wait for such a discovery, I would be an overnight sensation by 2024. 

Bugg3r that. 

At my older young age, I've decided to mingle with the online world, grab the viewing public by the scruff, and unashamedly stuff their face into it. 

“See? I can do a thing or two with paint! Buy it so I can live to paint again!”

Then again… maybe that’s not the best approach one should adopt if tyring to build a lasting relationship with budding clientele….

“Tsk, tsk”, randomly creeps through my head. 

Modesty wins again.


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