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Zambezi One Art Gallery

The Zambezi Project are pleased to announce the official opening of Zambezi One Galerie d’Art.

The gallery will open on Saturday 5 July 16:00 to 20:00 hours and we invite you to join us in a celebratory glass of something very French!

Saturday 5 July is also the start of The Tour de France, and guess what? On Friday 25th of July, Stage 19 of The Tour will pass right in front of the gallery!

Zambezi One Galerie d’Art is situated in the Gers South West France over looking the river Baïse in the city of Condom en Armagnac, to give it it’s full name. The region is famous for producing Armagnac, and in fact the magnificent building the gallery now occupies was founded in 1857 and was a very well known Armagnac producer.

The spacious gallery will open with local artists and we will also be inviting international artists to exhibit in the future. There is plenty of parking (probably not on the 25th!) and when we have restored the gallery’s dock, boats will be welcome by appointment.

Zambezi One is the first physical gallery to be opened by The Zambezi Project. As well as promoting the gallery’s artists, Zambezi One Galerie d’Art will also provide workshops for any artist who would like to learn how to promote and sell their work online via The Zambezi Project.


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