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Christmas Expo at Zambezi One

The Zambezi Project
Christmas Expo at Zambezi One

The Christmas exhibition runs from 26 November 2014 until 14 January 2015 and features five artists, each of whom brings a different perspective to the canvas.

The aquarellist Nathalie Garcia creates vibrant still life images. The English artist Michael Gordon-Lee captures the richness of Spanish flamenco. Yves Alleaume conjures up a natural earthiness through his work. The multi-faceted Ray Johnstone's flair and honesty give a great realism to his portraiture. In a different sphere altogether, Libby Leyrer's canvases start out as an infra-red photograph that she hand colours with oil paints.

The public is invited to attend an opening reception tonight between 6:00 and 8:00 PM.


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