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RAR - Philippe Magnard SOLO exhibition

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RAR - Philippe Magnard SOLO exhibition

The Zambezi One Art Gallery will present a solo exhibition featuring French artist RAR (Pseudonym of Philippe Magnard) on 05 March, the exhibition will run until 25 April 2015. The Exposition de RAR will feature around 40 works, many from his new collection. The vernissage will be on Friday 06 March from 18h where art lovers and collectors will have the opportunity to meet the artist.

Philippe is a self-educated painter born in 1952 in Vallon en Sully, France. He exhibits under the pseudonym RAR.

Having worked in oil on canvas in the classical way he found the calling during the 70's into the world of graffiti art. Using just three colours of industrial spray paint, (black, white, orange.) His humorous and protest slogans were tagged from the early days RAR which stands for Rien À Répliquer, self explicit in any language !

From 1977 he studied the non-geometric abstract art 'Tachisme' using a combination of techniques and mixed media, (dripping, lyricism, geometry, traces, scrapings, inlaying, collage etc). After his first solo exhibition in 1985 he moves away from oil and moves into acrylic.

He describes his painting as always starting with a Tachiste style and a gestural chaos that is purely instinctive. According to the result, the canvas will either be left in its current state or will evolve in a different direction from its geometric abstract beginnings. The work can take on a completely new form encompassing both Lettrisme and Pop-art, at this instance the canvas not only takes on the new form, it dictates its own direction.

Working in this way and with such mixed media and fluidity, the use of aerosol spray, brush, pallette knife, printing, substrates, superimposing of masks, etc. Philippe creates a style that is not only unique, but truly his own.


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