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The Zambezi One gallery is expanding !

The Zambezi Project
The Zambezi One gallery is expanding !

The Zambezi Project are pleased to announce that we have secured a further 70m2 of wall space for the Zambezi One gallery. The new space is above our existing gallery and will be used as an 'Open Exhibition' space to which all artists are invited to exhibit. The space, we are pleased to say, was snapped-up and at the moment is full.

The newspace will open with an exhibition featuring 6 artists on Saturday 21 March 2015, the opening party will start 17:00, come along to see what its all about.

The artists showing will be

  • Martin Bedford
  • Michéle Caranove
  • Montserrat Castaing
  • Jonathan Kelly
  • Carole Joubin
  • Libby Leyrer


Visitors to the gallery will now be able to view two separate exhibitions with more art and greater enjoyment to be had !



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    The Zambezi Project says:

    'Upstairs at Zambezi One' has been a great success, we have a small amount of space available for the summer if anyone is interested, see the website for more details. or call the gallery on 09 84 47 56 29

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