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Published my 11 works on new Italian book
A publication dedicated to the history of this genre from its origins to today. Retracing the life and works of the great protagonists of the art, and coming up to the masters of today. "History of Italian figurative" aims to bring to light the exceptional contribution made by artists of this fascinating genre, to our cultural heritage. Through the different walks of life who have made the figure their field of art, They'll find some of the great masters of the past such as: Piero Agnetti, Pietro Annigoni, Dina Bellotti, Floriano Bodini, Corrado Cagli, Aldo Carpi, etc., leading up to contemporary artists.

"History of Italian figurative"

The figurative or representational art, unlike the abstract art, concerns the representation of recognizable images of the world around us, sometimes faithful and accurate, sometimes highly distorted. Some of the artistic styles are essentially figurative as the styles of the Renaissance, Baroque and Realism. By contrast, many newer movements such as Impressionism and Expressionism are also figurative, but less concerned about the camouflage with reality. Finally, the Photorealism and Hyperrealism are movements of current representation of recognizable subjects. The term visual arts is also used to denote collectively artistic activities that are based on the figures, that is, painting, drawing, graphic design, architecture, sculpture and other plastic arts.
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