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Albo Nazionale 2016

Virginia E
Albo Nazionale 2016

Published with a work "Mattina presto" review and listing coefficient by Cav. Flavio De Gregorio
"It appears to be an enchanted transposition by lights and colors captured by artist Virginia in her innumerable exotic trips, where the dream enchants reality and reality becomes ornament appreciated a new way and still to discover in its entirety. The good painter painting Virginia shows us the spiritual conditioning of spaces praised by intense colors and graphic revisions dominated the Indian muted light, so that the whole becomes aesthetic essence inclined to a tale of their own cultures and uses, described by a sincere and purposeful line, amalgamated at the same emotional depth of 'author who remains attentive to considerable tonal settings, adding a whole new model suited to proliferate with the Indian symbolism in mimesis as in a narrative Salgarian or through sofisficati the concrete objects ranging over cognitive form in recent years in Polynesia by Paul Gauguin. "


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